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Weight Pouch Attachment Instructions
Part your horse’s tail hair and pull the upper hairs of the horse's tail up and out of the way.  You can have and assistant place their hand on the hair to hold it out of the way or secure with bands or clips to keep it out of the way.  
Next, lay the tail weight against the horse's tail and using a latch hook (crochet hook), pull a section of hair through the left hole.
Next, pick up pick up 2 small sections of hair beside the left hole.  Make sure that the weight is laying flat and centered against the tail bone.  Now tightly braid the sections together.  You only need to braid down 2-3 inches, then secure with a couple rubber bands
Note:  If your horse's tail is clean and silky it is helpful to use a braid/banding spray (like quick braid) or hair gel.  Doing this will help the hair to grab and keep your braids tight.     
Repeat this process on the right side of the tail.  So that the weight is supported by 2 braids.
Note:  If your horse uses or swishes his tail a lot or you are using more than a 1lb. weight, we recommend wrapping another couple ruber bands up to the top of each braid.  Doing this will add additional support and help keep the weight snug against the tail bone.
Next, move 1/2 to 1/3 down the weight.  Pick up a section of hair from each side of the weight and braid or band together.  This final step will hold the bottom portion of the weight snug aginst the tail.