Color Chart

Color Chart
Listed below Are Our Tail Colors

Not sure of the color you need? Send us a sample of your horse's tail and we will match it.

Also see our FAQ page for some photo examples on choosing the correct color

Natural Black: Undyed black with some red (sunbleached) highlights at the bottom

Jet Black: A dyed solid black

Mixed: Mix of Black, Brown, Sorrels and a few White hairs

Light Sorrel: An Orange Sorrel

Regular Sorrel: Red Sorrel

Dark Sorrel: Deep Plum/Mahogany Sorrel

Light Flaxen Sorrel: Mostly Flaxen/White with a small amount of Sorrel

Flaxen Sorrel: A Mix of Flaxen/White and Sorrel

Orange Flaxen Sorrel: A Mix of Flaxen/White and bright Orange -Sorrel (Note: This is a less common color. Most horse's will wear Flaxen-Sorrel)

Regular Sorrel & Flaxen: A Mix of Sorrel with some Flaxen/White

Flaxen Sorrel Black: A Mix of Flaxen/White Sorrels and Black

Extra Light Gray: Mostly white with a small amount of gray

Light Gray:

Medium Gray:

Dark Gray: Mostly Gray/Black with a small amount of white

Palomino:Golden White

White: Cream white