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Natural Loop Tail Extension
The Natural Loop Tail Extension is one of our newer styles and because of it's versatility and natural look it is our most popular style.
The Natural Loop is available in several sizes sizes ranging from to 1-1/2lbs.  We are also stocking 2lb. extensions in select colors and can make 2lb extensions in any of our colors as needed.  The standard length of this extension in all weights is 38-40 inches.   
Truly a Work of Art. This extension is made by a patented* design process of hand knotting and sewing which makes the extension soft and pliable with No Glued Cap.

Because this style attaches to the hairs of the tail bone, it is less likely to "catch" between the Hocks.  The Natural Loop Tail Extension works well on horses that carry their tails away from their body and horses that use their tails.  It is also a great choice for Hunters showing with or without braided tails.

Please refer to our Instruction section for photo attachment instructions. 

  *patent pending.
Beware of Knock-offs! 
It has come to our attention that a few tail extension companies are attempting to copy the "Natural Loop" extension.   They are using names like the "Natural Look" tail or the "Hunter Tail".  Oftentimes these knock-offs are made with much shorter hair which will not allow for proper attachment of the extension.  Their is only ONE Manufacturer of the Natural Loop extension.  The Show Pen as well as a number of reputable tack stores sell the true Natural Loop extension. 
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Natural Loop 1/2lb.
Natural Loop 1/2lb.
Base Price $115.00

Natural Loop 1/2lb. more info
Natural Loop 1lb.
Natural Loop 1lb.
Base Price $160.00

Natural Loop more info
Natural Loop 1-1/2lbs.
Natural Loop 1-1/2lbs.
Base Price $190.00

Natural Loop 1-1/2lbs.

more info
Natural Loop 2lb.
Natural Loop 2lb.
Base Price $215.00

Natural Loop 2lbs. more info