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This Weight Pouch is availabe in 1, 2 or 3 pounds.  It attaches directly onto the hair of the horse's natural tail so it can be used in conjunction with any style of extension. 
Because the weight attaches separately, it causes less strain on the natural tail hair because one section of hair is not supporting both the extension and the weight.  If you are not sure how much weight is needed to quiet your horse's tail, we recommend starting with the lighest weight.  If more weight is needed, we will simply exchange it for a heavier weight.  See our Attachment section for complete Step-by-Step photo attachment instructions 

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1lb. Weight Pouch
Our Price: $40.00

1 lb. Removable Weight Pouch
 1 lb. Weight Pouch
2lb. Weight Pouch
Our Price: $80.00

2lb. Removable Weight Pouch
2lb. Removable Weight Pouch
3lb. Weight Pouch
Our Price: $120.00

3lb. Removable Weight Pouch
3lb. Removable Weight Pouch