Wrap-around attachment instructions

Wrap-around Attachment Instructions
Please Note:  Contrasting colors were used in the below photographs to aid in illustration of attachment.


Find the desired location for the tail extension,  This will vary based upon the height of your horse and length of his.  You want the extension to fall to the fetlock area. 

Part your horseís tail hair and pull the upper hairs of the horse's tail up and out of the way.  You can have and assistant place their hand on the hair to hold it out of the way or secure with bands or clips to keep it out of the way.



Now wrap the top sewn section of the extension around yours horse's.  Using the shoe lace on each side of the extension, wrap the laces all the way around the tail and tie the lace snuggly in a bow on the front side of the extension (In front of you) . This will hold the tail extension in place and free both of your hands, allowing you to braid hair to hair to secure the tail extension. 


You are going to attach the extension with 3-4 braids.  One toward each corner of the extension and one or two toward the middle of the extension. 

To do this, pick up a small lock of your horseís hair from the area of the tail directly above where you have wrapped the extension.  Now pick up a small lock of hair from the extension.  Combine the hair together in your hand and braid tightly.  You only need to braid down a couple of inches and secure with a rubber band. Repeat this several times around the tail. 




Now that the extension is secured by the braids, the lace can be pulled out
If you choose to leave the shoe lace in, loosen the lace so that it does not cut off the blood circulation in the tail. 
You can leave the lace in place  as long as it does NOT run through the braided section. If the lace is mixed in with the braids it would be considered supporting and you could be disqualified if there is a Hair To Hair Rule.

Now drop your upper hair back down and gently brush. 


The first time you attach the extension stand to the side and have someone slowly back the horse.   If the tail starts to drag the ground STOP.   Move the extension higher up the so that the horse can back without stepping on the extension.



Tail Extension Care


All tails are 100% Natural Horse Hair and should be shampooed and conditioned regularly.


Blow dry and fluff your extension  to give it a full look.  To remove knots use your fingers or gently brush, DONíT PULL, your tail extension.


Do not leave your tail extension attached overnight.  Remove the extension after your day of competition is complete.