Loop-on Attachment Instructions

Loop-on Attachment Instructions
Start to braid a small sections of your horse's tail just below the bottom of the .


 Position one loop of the extension directly below the braid and continue braiding Through the loop. Secure with a rubber band.


 Repeat this process to secure the second loop.


 To better secure the extension you can wrap electrical tape around the cap and braids.


The bottom of the tail extension should fall at about the horse's fetlock.  


Some of  your horse's natural hairs may be longer than the extension hairs.  If this is the case, trim the hairs so that they are the same length.


The first time you attach the extension stand to the side and have someone slowly back the horse.   If the tail starts to drag the ground STOP.   Check that the extension is attached as close to the tail bone as possible.  If it is then we would recommend trimming the extension so that the horse can back without stepping on the extension.

 Tail Extension Care

All tails are 100% Natural Horse Hair and should be shampooed and conditioned regularly.


Blow dry and fluff your extension to give it a full look. To remove knots use your fingers or gently brush, DONíT PULL, your tail extension.


Do not leave your tail extension attached overnight.  Remove the extension after your day of competition is complete