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LoopPlus   1 1/2 lb Loop-On
SlidePlus   1 1/2 lb Slide-On
TiePlus   1 1/2 lb Tie-In
LoopOne   1 lb Loop-On
SlideOne   1 lb Slide-On
TieOne   1 lb Tie-In
LoopHalf   1/2 lb Loop-On
TieHalf   1/2 lb Tie-In
1lb. TrplLoopWt   1lb. Weight Pouch- OUT OF STOCK
2lb. TrplLoopWt   2lb. Weight Pouch- OUT OF STOCK
3lb. TripleLoopWt   3lb. Weight Pouch- OUT OF STOCK
LycraTube   Braid-in Lycra Tail Tube -Assorted Colors
CarrierDouble   Dura-Tech Double Tail Extension Carrier
CarrierSingle   Dura-Tech Single Tail Extension Carrier -
ForeLongLength   Forelock Extension Long Length
ForeRegLength   Forelock Extension Reg Length
HandHide   Hand Made Hide Tail
CoatGloss   Healthy Hair Coat Gloss - OUT OF STOCK
Shampoo   Healthy Hair Crystal Shampoo
Detangler   Healthy Hair Detangler
Moisturizer   Healthy Hair Moisturizer
bands   Healthy Hair Super Bands
Nat Hide Tail   Natural Hide Tail
NatLoopPlus   Natural Loop 1-1/2lbs.
Natloop1/2   Natural Loop 1/2lb.
NatLoop   Natural Loop 1lb.
NatLoop2   Natural Loop 2lb.
9Layer   Nine Layer
Lung   Show Lunge Line
TrplLoopP   Triple Loop 1.5Lb
TrplLoop2   Triple Loop 2lb
WrapOne   Wrap Around 1lb.

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